Silence – Liberation – Redemption

My name is Charles Karim Diggs AK7945, Box 244, Graterford PA 19426, August 15, 2017. I am here once again feeling my existence, some purpose. Transformation is not owned by the few. Silence is rewarding, enabling one to follow a course for liberation and redemption. Being behind a 50-foot wall and married to steel, concrete, and cages of despair and loneliness, silence leads to redemption. The redemption- and redemptive achievement does come from listening.

Prison is a place where transformation is part of the human element that resides in all human beings. Prison was invented for deference to incapacitate the human heart and soul. Prison is an incentive to respect your own nature and sanity. Nothing in prison nourishes your human development. Listening to your soul, the voice within, the better voices that need room to breathe in your ticket to all your dreams.

Your divine nature may seem dormant, but is awaiting your embrace.

Prison is at war with you as it is with society. Dr. King (Martin Luther King, Reverend) taught us, “Our struggle in America is tied into the wars across the globe.”

Our horror plantations are the perfect example of what is wrong with America and our relationships. Prison is the place where ills, troubles, conflicts, economic diseases are hidden away in cages. It is a direct result of divorcing human beings simply because they have not conformed to society. More importantly, the deviant behavior is a result of a social environment that produces human decisions that harm every aspect of human dignity. Prison does not cure. Human consciousness cures the diseases. Only then is a human being liberated, redemption from this man-made hell labeled prison.

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