When I Come Home…

When I come home I will get all my grandchildren and go in the park and talk and just listen and answer their questions. Then we will eat a great meal with music. I will find me a comfortable place to live of beauty, warmth, beauty for my eyes and soul. I will have peace, lots of compassion, and passion for the good of all. My plans for freedom and liberation of minds will remain alive and I will share my light and wisdom and produce courage in those who need it. I plan on making my footsteps be steeped of Love and joy where ever I step and my walk will represent the best of me. I will seek out people who feel the vibrations that I feel from the creator of the Universe. I seek out the human beings who believe that Allah the creator choose us for His message. To know is to know God. Allah can touch you in then heart, body and mind and cause both your conscious and subconscious scream for relief. That relief comes from meditation on Allah and opening up your whole being and let that invisible band reach inside you and make you feel like a new person. You will feel it and you will run from it and you will reject, because of doubt, fear and a mis-education we have all suffered under. You need to know Allah chooses us to hear His call.

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