Letter to Attorney General Shapiro

With all due respect I write this letter in regards to Mr. Shapiro and all other officials who may be hesitant in supporting parole for lifers. Initially I wanted to hammer in on the fact that many of the men and women serving life contribute so positively within the DOC. This mighty movement to free lifers is just as unique as our first 44th black president, until recently following the Supreme Ct. decision regarding juvenile lifers, there wasn’t an inkling of hope for lifers to go home. But yet before all of this men and women serving life put years of work and dedication into improving themselves, not for any acknowledgments or recognition but simply to repay retribution in the only way we know how. Using our stories and time by becoming an example for others in anticipation that it may deter people from coming back into prison by working to change mindsets. Although these efforts maybe valiant on the part of people serving life, I do acknowledge the great responsibility of the Board of Pardons to make sure a person is safe to be released. For it would be a catastrophe to neglect the families who were broken thru the loss of a loved one by violence. However not everyone who is incarcerated for murder, various homicides or heinous crimes receive a life sentence. Now I’m by no way wanting to through shade on those who was spared life imprisonment for I’m happy to see people leave these prisons but I ponder on how many times Jennifer Storm pounds at their parole hearing screaming throw away the key. When we come before your authority seeking leniency do you honestly take into account the many certificates institutional recommendations excellent housing reports and years of working jobs under tremendous pressure for next to nothing. When will we be more than our crimes? Has anyone ever consider WHY people commit crime and what is the driving force behind most criminal behaviors. Maybe the answers you will receive may shed some light on how more people serving life can be considered for commutation.

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