I want to 1st say thank you & that I luv you & appreciate you showing your support at a time in my life when it was needed most. I know it may seem as if we didn’t get what we wanted as of now but trust & believe me that may have been the best possible outcome other than a new trial. I am beyond excited that this female has finally told her truth & with that I believe that will come soon.
I need for all of you to understand that its not the judge that we/I am fighting against, its the system in whole. This was part of the reason why I had  reached out to so many, I needed you to see first hand how the system treats black, poor, uneducated minorities. I’m not surprised by the judges decision and neither should any of you be. I need for you all to know that there are hundreds if not thousands whom are in my very same predicament locked up in the PA DOC if not worst.
I am glad that my cousin Deanna brought her son and my sister Tabrenna brought her daughter SHERIYAH. I don’t believe it was coincidence that these two bright & intelligent young black children were there to see how the criminal legal system works. I don’t think its a coincidence that they both attend one of if not the only Afrocentric schools in the city Imotep. In our kids I see that any & all things are possible & SHERIYAH knows that I truly believe this. We have to be sure that we remind the kids that they can be anything but not only that we have to show them, hold their hands if necessary.
The other side to children was when I left court the first day (Tue) I noticed that all the “inmates” were babies, our babies. They were going through the very same process where they were going to loose precious time from their lives. Many of us in our communities blame the kids for all the violence in our communities but as you all witnessed first hand the part this system plays in it all. The criminal system is just one of the many that we are up against. While waiting for court I picked a couple of their brains to see if they see what I now see & surprisingly most do. They don’t understand why its so hard to get a job but so easy to get a gun where we come from. I asked them what they thought of the news coverage of the violence in the city & most said that it makes them feel hopeless, scared, and like that they have to do what their doing when it comes to violence. I asked if any of them has or knows someone that buys guns legally and every single one of the lol and said who buys guns legally. I then asked if thats the case why do they think the politicians and news coverage keeps talking bout stricter gun laws? They all kinda got quiet & thought about it like really really thought about it. I won’t say what all or most said but know that they need more than incarceration.
I love you all and appreciate the support, prayers and love that was inside that courtroom that was visible and also felt.

Love y’all.

One last thing. Please support CADBI Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration. I’ll explain more but you can Google CADBI and find out what you can do to support them. It could be something as simple as a tweet or putting a flyer in church or just spreading their mission. Love y’all talk soon…..

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