3/12/ 2020 Call In Day: AG Shapiro, Stop Blocking Commutation

9 AM – 4 PM

Description from Facebook page for the event:

On Thursday, March 12 you can use your voice to demand that Josh Shapiro stop blocking commutation. Call (215) 886-7376 and let him know that Pennsylvanians want fair commutation, not mass incarceration.

Commutation is a difficult process that requires, among other things, a unanimous “yes” vote from the Board of Pardons. For the over 5,300 people currently serving life without parole sentences, it is one of their only pathways home. Despite his pledge to fight mass incarceration, Josh Shapiro has denied the opportunity to come home to more people than any other member of the Board.

Here’s a sample call script:

Caller: “Hi my name is _____[your name]____, from ___[wherever]____ , and I’d like to speak to Attorney General Josh Shapiro.”
You will likely be told that no one is available to speak with you. You can then tell the receptionist or whomever you are speaking with:
“I am calling to voice my deep concern about Josh Shapiro’s voting record on the Board of Pardons. He is condemning people to die in jail without mercy, and upholding practices of mass incarceration. This is not the smart criminal justice reform that he promised. I am calling to ask for Josh Shapiro’s pledge that when the Chair of the Board supports an application for commutation, he will not stand in the way. “

Be sure that the receptionist or whoever does not discourage you from saying what you want to say. It can be very powerful to also explain how his votes impacting you personally, so definitely feel free to share your own story and perspective.

Two weeks ago, hundreds of us gathered in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to call on Josh Shapiro to show mercy on the Board of Pardons. Last week, NowThis! released this video clip of the action, which has over 62,000 views.

It is time to keep the pressure on. Josh Shapiro understands the power of our message and is on the defensive, telling the press that he DOES believe in second chances. It is more important than ever that we make clear to Josh Shapiro that he will not stop hearing from us until he uses his power on the Board of Pardons to grant second chances.

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