The Media

I’m sure we all have seen the news and most nights in the city of Philly there is homicide that is committed. Over the years Ive learned the significance of the role that the media plays in society. I once as a child asked is their actually more bad in the world that occurs than good. As I matured and got older I was able to make the determination that there is absolutely more good that not only takes place in society but directly in our communities. What made me think of this was the recent death of a 79 y/o man in Chester, PA whom was allegedly killed by a 14 y/o. The news did an interview with the victims family which showed the hurt and pain that was allegedly caused by this 14 y/o child. They also had a small clip of the father of the 14 y/o and what he said hit so hard because I am now conscious to the continuous cycle of trauma that is caused and the media exploits. The father basically articulated that yes a life was lost and we will and should never forget the hurt and pain that was caused. He continued and said that we should also not forget that it is a child that is loosing his life as well which is a tragedy. We cannot and should not forget that as well as the life of the 79 y/o man. I don’t understand why we allow ourselves to only have appreciation for a life in specific circumstances. The media cares nothing about either the victim or the 14 y/o and thats a huge problem because the media shapes how we (society) see and view the world. I would love for the media to do a follow up on the healing process of both of the families and see if there is a way that the child’s family may be able to help in someway with the grieving process. The families could also be used as a possible tool for other “at risk” youth to show them that violence is never the answer because the youth aren’t aware that there are actually other ways to deal with the ongoing issues within our communities. I will pray for both families because neither will ever be the same.

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