Petition for Jermaine Palmer (Prison Injustice!)

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Description from petition:

For his third degree murder conviction, it was either Death by Lethal Injection or Death By Incarceration (DBI). Prosecutors agreed to sentence Jay to DBI. To date, he has now served 27 years for a crime that, under normal circumstances, would have enabled him to be home with his family years ago but the district attorneys relied on a prior conviction for which he continues to maintain his innocence. Despite that new evidence continues to surface, proving the earlier conviction to have been wrongfully obtained, Jay remains unjustly behind bars. NOW, more than ever, your help is needed to correct this injustice! By signing on, you send a clear message to those who hold the key to Jay’s freedom that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Please encourage your friends & family to sign on! Do it now, please! #2020freedomnow!

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