DEMAND that your officials protect loved ones in prisons and jails!

Message senators, representatives, state senators, and state representatives

Use FAMM’s online form to quickly contact your representatives and demand that they protect incarcerated loved ones from a coronavirus outbreak. Click here to send a message.

The Sentencing Project will also send a letter to your legislators, demanding that they protect incarcerated people from COVID-19. Click here to send a letter.

Send letters to President Trump, your governor, prosecutors, sheriffs, county commissioners, and city council members.

Check out The Justice Collaborative’s Emergency Response Demand Lists, letter templates, and other resources by clicking here.

Join Amistad Law Project’s call-in to Governor Wolf.

Call 717-787-2500. You will be redirected to the Department of Health. Press 0 to speak to a staff person about coronavirus-related concerns. They may try to direct you online — ask that your comment be heard.

Here’s a call script you can use:

“I’m calling to urge Governor Wolf to take immediate action to release all at-risk incarcerated people who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus, starting with elders and people who are immunosuppressed or have co-morbidities. They are at high risk of catching and spreading the virus, and the prisons do not have capacity to care for them. This is a human rights issue, and a public health issue. I ask that the Governor take action and release all vulnerable people now.”

Source and link to facebook event: Amistad Law Project

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