Sign petitions to support people in prisons and jails!

Click here to sign the Free People Strike‘s petition Release vulnerable incarcerated people IMMEDIATELY to prevent COVID-19 deaths.

Click here to sign the ACLU‘s petition Stop the Spread of COVID-19: Free the Elderly and Sick from Prisons and Jails.

Click here to sign Let’s Get Free‘s petition Release Aging and Vulnerable People in Pennsylvania Prisons at Risk of COVID-19.

Click here to sign Mann Up‘s petition Medically vulnerable who are incarcerated and are being overlooked during this Pandemic.

Click here to sign Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project‘s petition FreeOurYouth in Philly now!

Click here to sign The Action Network‘s Tell the Board of Pardons: Vote Yes on Fair Commutation and Second Chances

Click here to sign Naomi Keiser‘s petition PA DOC, please fix the video visitation problems.

Click here to sign Shari Ebert‘s petition Provide Free Captions for People with Hearing Loss on Video Conferencing Platforms.

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