Post from Scott’s Niece (Sheriyah S, 16 years old)

This is a very sensitive topic to me but here we go… I visited my uncle in jail like last weekend, and it was my first time in over 10 years visiting a prison. Not gonna lie, I was nervous as h*ll because I didn’t know what to expect, but after leaving I became angry. I became angry because most of the inmates in there were black. Some might say “they deserve it” or “that’s what they get” but one of the main purposes of prison is rehabilitation. The definition of rehabilitation is the following: the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness. They say that’s one of the purposes but how can someone rehabilitate if they have no resources to help them? My uncle said before getting transferred to SCI Phoenix some jails he was placed at didn’t even have any programs to keep his mind active or just to keep him sane.
The justice system is corrupt and is used as a new form of slavery against African Americans. They follow you from your educational background just to trap you with the justice system. For example, with the disciplinary placement classes in school. Y’all pull children from their regular classes to put them in a behavior class with other students like them, block off their interaction from the outside world, tell them when then can and can’t use the restroom, and then only give them an hour of gym or an hour to be outside. Sounds familiar? It’s so sad that some of us are not aware of this cycle and are sadly being sucked right in to it. I pray everyday that I become successful enough to take care of my entire family and motivate them and others that anything is possible and you don’t have to be ANOTHER STATISTIC. It’s so sad that STILL IN 2020 black people are still because executed and our young people are either being put to rest too early or will never see freedom ever again… Better days are coming, and if not right now we must come together to build a better future.

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