A Second Letter to Attorney General Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro

We are going too far in our desire to be politically correct. The founders of the constitution warned against oppression upon the minority population James Madison Federalist Papers No 51. He speaks about the lawmakers taking advantage over the minority populations. He clearly defines the nature of man being selfish, greedy and how men must be checked in their power because the history of humanity is dominated by oppressive governments and people in power that abuse their subjects.

I am trying to convey to you not to forget us. Prisoners are part of the fabric of our nation. Many of the nations earlier settlers were prisoners. They came to a new land and changed. Lifers are the missing men in the community who are productive men and women who will influence others who are on the brink of making bad decisions. Let us help women and men make the right choices. Try to accept the fact, everyone is a victim even the offender is a Victim of his/her own crimes. There are no winners, all are Victims. Trying to separate the human tragedy serves no good purpose. Anger held for decades is a sickness of the soul AND heart. We need to change collectively and heal, and bring life back to the society. Let this positive energy be shared with humanity. 

Thank YOU for reading my message.

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