Letter to Attorney General Shapiro

Mr. Attorney General Shapiro,

It is a wonderful time to be alive, and share the wisdom, knowledge with YOU, and with those concerned about justice, fairness, and compassion.

Sometimes, a virus causes human beings to loose their lives or become sick with fever. The doctors give us medications. In Pennsylvania, there are 5400 women and men serving Life sentences. There is no debate that human beings have the right to life. Nobody should be murdered. We respect the right of government to punish the offender. We honor the right of the family to feel dishonored by the guilty hand that killed their wife, husband son and father. Please never think, persons who took a life, are walking the prison yard happy. Every night the ghosts of regret, agony follows the foot steps and dreams of all of us.

I want you to realize I appreciate the position you hold as Attorney General of Pennsylvania. You nor your staff are responsible for the crimes done and the prisoners sentence. We need law and order for all communities. As a man gets older wiser, he recognizes the duty of government to protect its citizens.

Cruel decisions are made and ignorant men and women violate the community contracts. This contract is about human life being precious and nobody has the right to take life. However in Pennsylvania, we had a history of allowing lifers have a chance to change and return a productive person in society. Through ignorant violent actions of a few, the mercy and compassion has left the state in a state of becoming repressive when it is not useful or helpful to the human family. A system becomes extreme when one voice dominates THE outcome. A man changes. A women can also change. A fatal act does not leave us cruel forever. God made us to learn and change. Maintaining imprisonment for the rest of a person’s life has never been the custom or tradition of Pennsylvania or the nation. Let’s make human life not political. Bring back fairness and allow redemption.


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