5/14/2020 FreeTheVulnerable Statewide Banner Action

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Join us on Thursday May 14!

As a response to the PA government’s inability to protect state prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to address the ongoing problems of solitary confinement, and the over 10,000 people age 50 and older in PA prisons, we are asking our friends on the outside to make signs and banners of support to loved ones on the inside!

How to participate:
• Make a sign or banner that reads #FreeTheVulnerable
• Place it in a window or somewhere on a street!
• Be sure to snap a photo of your #FreeTheVulnerable sign/banner
• Post it to social media and tag your local legislator and @GovernorTomWolf – don’t know who your legislators are – let us know!

Other options:
• Take your sign/banner to your local legislator’s office and take a photo of it (offices are closed now due to COVID-19, but this is a a reminder that we are watching them!)
• Go to a local landmark or famous spot in your town or neighborhood. We want to show the public that there are many people who care about the lives of those trapped in PA state prisons and that we are upset about the PA government’s inaction!

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