A New Society

by Charles Karim Diggs

WHEN AMERICA was developed into a nation I had to experience the pains of building from nothing. The story reveals all types of crimes against humanity, specifically upon the bodies and minds of Africans, Indians. The nation was build on greed, racist and hate. In order to create America the European men believe, they had to enslave Africans and establish a system even after slavery to dehumanize him in the worse form: they denied him his very manhood. It was not enough to have not paid him for his centuries of labor but the systematic repression, violence upon his Body was not enough. Black Lives Matter, is a direct outcry for freedom to be left alone.The police system has been modernized to maintain the slave system that caused the recent ongoing murders upon black men and woken. Being a police officer is a System of Privileges and the central part of those privileges is Murder. The power to kill another human being is the ultimate use of power. It is the twin brother of slavery. Slavery is forced terror and violence and death. The police have been used to encage the black population in restricted areas. The new world has to consist of new ways to deal with crime. There is no need for police. They have yet to Prevent any of the hundreds of murders and other crimes in the black community. The police come after the crimes, to put people in prison. The use of police is waste of time, if we are hiring them for safety. Police are the antagonist in our community. The community can police itself. We need to be left alone as James Brown said in his songs, “Don’t give me nothing, just open up the door and I will get it myself.” Al Charlton stated recently, at George Floyd’s funeral, we just want the white man to get his knee off our neck and we will figure it out. This nation has not allowed the black people to breathe as a human being is supposed to breathe. Throughout this lack of fresh air, all types of self destructive acts, destroyed dreams, and talent never discovered due to the trauma of oppression and violence by political police system. Our present condition will change when the privileged groups of white Americans come to their senses, that their silence is approval of the historical culture that black lives do not matter. Remember the body was left in the middle of the street in Ferguson Missouri for hours and the police prevented anyone from removing or covering the body. Once again spreading terror throughout that community. But the supreme power of the police did not stop. Murders by the police continues across the cities of America upon the bodies of black people. European men women and children are not being gunned down like Black’s are. Some say it is just a few bad apples doing these murders. The truth is the police do not care whether the community respects the police or not, the bad police are protected by good police.The picture is an entire government work force is organized to oppress the freedom and movement of the black population. The dominance forced upon the community of mentally unfit police officers, always end in death to a member of the community.

The entire criminal justice system must be remade because it is the police office who begins the ugly journey of arrest, court adjudication of being found guilty or forced to plead guilty. It is the police officers testimony that convicts you. It is his version of the events and the charges that he brings against you that travels with your record throughout your life. You’re stuck with the police version. How can justice emerge or ever breathe when the foundation of the justice system is operating from the beginning on a historical racial foundation, that exists on White Supremacy? A New World of Policing must be envision, just as Dr.Martin Luther King envisioned people free .free at last. thank God free at last. Allah Akbar!

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