by Charles Karim Diggs

Power has been with the people who invented America and wrote the constitution for European men. Every law is made to further their agenda. It is not written to include anyone else. Amendments riots. protesting for centuries have forced the nation of white supremacy to include African Americans, women, disabled, sexually different persuasions, and separate rights for Indians. What does this picture tell us?

1. Freedom: If we were free, we would not have to be in the street, beg, cry, just to be recognized that black lives matter. Destroying Confederate statutes, changing names of streets is part of fact, white supremacy is a mental, moral, and legal construction of an entire society, and supported by law.

2. The white men who head the Senate and all your state houses has the final say so on what, when, and how to give us some basic rights. The chokehold is not going anywhere on the federal level. The majority law makers are in love with the police domination. BLM and all others must keep up the pressure and bring the two party system into the discussion.The peoples voice has no punch, because the two parties are in place to maintain a study status quo. The democrats are not trying to turn power over to the people. Convicting a few police officers does not cool out the fire food change. The reason for a Complete change in the police system is the very pulse of the court, judge, appellate judges, parole boards, commutation, governors attorneys, they are all the different stages of a police state that is set up to control, maintain absolute control in punishing shooting and killing us in the name of the STATE AND THEY ALL HAVE WHAT. QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. INCLUDING LEGISLATURES. SENATE AND HOUSE. IT IS ONE GANG. EACH OF THESE ENTITIES DEPEND ON POLICE THEY USE THE POLICE REPORTS AND ARREST MATERIAL AT TRIAL AND AT EVERY STAGE TO MAINTAIN YOUR CONVICTION AND DENIALS OF FREEDOM AND PAROLE. The cities have no money for COVID 19, because for decades billions are the reason there is no money for schools, hospitals, books and effective housing for the poor, and Racism was used as a tool to justify not providing housing for the homeless. The national cry from the white president in the 1980′ ‘s was those people are homeless because they are Lazy. They used welfare queens as causing the nation to go bankrupt and they put some poor sisters on TV who got a few extra welfare checks. Thus Clinton the first Bush president cut assistance to poor women across America including European women and babies! The final trick done by white corporate supremacy was sold the myth back to work would clean up the welfare rolls. The women received slave wages in substitute for welfare help. Millions of women slave today because of the severe reduction in using peoples money to help the economically depressed. This cruel political tool drove millions of women in to prostitution, drug use and various degrees of mental breakdowns based on the extreme stress of being unable to provide for herself and children. White supremacy had already taken men off of any assistance. Black men and others started moving into drug sales because it was and still remains the only access to capitalism. The historical denial of capital, decent wages has been the driving force that continues to suffocate the black man from being the man he is created to be: To provide food himself and family. He has not been granted enough air to breathe, thus his presence anywhere in America is seen as a threat to white supremacy, and the police is his first stop to remind him of slavery in its raw form! In my study of Black Business In America, a story was told how free blacks had business in the antebellum and in colonial America.The main problem was laws were passed that banks could not loan money to blacks and other laws denied access to wealth. This kept black men from expanding and were forced to have small limited businesses. This apartheid continued poverty, powerlessness, and effectively kept a slave to abusive violent white persons across the nation. One businessmen made it known that up north was not much better for business. The only equality he had seen was equal access to jails and penitentiaries.

Access to capital and competition in the market place was prevented by law, and you could loose your property and put in slavery, if you were not careful. Today, black lives matter is needed to break down the legacy of oppression that has never been abolished in America.

The Klan are employed in law enforcements guards, judges, lawyers, all those systems that they can execute power over Blacks, they are there.

Careful study will enable us to develop a complete proposition that shifts the system from the worship of punishment and violence to control resistance. We have to present ourselves as the people who will manage these places of power equally. The people in office are unable to do what we want because, they will not ever agree to give up this two-party white supremacy system, I am 70 Years of age and we are arguing the same issues for air. The economic part is critical if we expect real change. There needs to be compensation on a massive level in order to life the burdens off of people. A reconstruction of the economic management of the nation. Until we address the inequity, the crime disease will override the black lives matter voice. There are too many black men trapped in violence and crimes against our selves and others in the community. We are fighting against our collective best has to be addressed with the thousands of men lost in the death trap. You can easily see Women are in the streets, leading the fight. White women and Asian and Black women are fighting for us men because the black man I know for a fact has been beaten down by the violence of this bastion, imprisoned, crushed economically, as such his faith and will is drained. Finally, the movement will need some plan to ensure the two party system will work for us .

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