Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

by Rodney Shaheed Derrickson

In prisons all across the United States of America, prisoners are suffering abuse, mistreatment, and the outright denial of humanity because of our status as prisoners. Prisoners Lives Matter!

Prisoners are oppressed, beaten, tear gassed, isolated, murdered, denied our dignity, humanity, and status as citizens of this country under the guise of security and control. Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment against prisoners. Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

Prisoners are grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles, sons, nephews, and citizens of this country. Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

Prisoners deserve human dignity, respect, compassion, care, and non-discriminatory treatment while serving prison sentences. Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

Prisons are places for people who committed offenses against society to find opportunities for redemption, repentance, restoration, rehabilitation, treatment, transformation, education, and mercy in order to one day return back to society as reformed and productive citizens. Prisoners’ Lives Matter!

*Rodney Shaheed Derrickson is the Founder of Prisoners’ Lives Matter, PA Campaign. He has a passion for social justice, criminal justice, and prison reform in Pennsylvania. He is currently incarcerated at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

If you’re interested in joining this campaign and wish to help make a difference into the lives of prisoners, please register with us at

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