The True History of DBI

by Charles Karim Diggs

I try to convey the history so the various young people will understand the plight we are on. You must know the true history of our DBI. You also must understand white supremacy and the suffering of @African people in America and the world. The sickness in America, is the civil war took place. left the slaves in the hands of the south, who lost the war. Can you dream of what they did to us black folks who was allegedly free???? They developed a entire religion, systems of acute, brutal oppression that lasted into the late 1960s and onward. My grandparents and parents left that insane suffering!! But the whole social, civic, economic, educational, kept the Africans out!! The law said, you were to be kept running and out. Four hundred Years of this madness. Everyone else was able to educate and get involved in the political economical and civic society.

Some of us make up the ladder a little. The police, musical, all courts and agencies legislative and Senate are the strong holds of white supremacy. Their offspring own and control the entire system it was made for them.They can let us participate. This is all we ever wanted to do. Most have been made to feel invisible. You will never feel invisible I hope. Maybe you can feel my experiences in this white so called society. Black people simply wanted to be able to survive, not take over. Black’s are not mad at anything, trust in God. We just want to breathe. The young white people are sick of this prejudice and oppression and violence the police. We have to really respect the courage they have shown. I am in all the way. The leaders for the future is the young. But we need more than leaders. We need to dominate the systems that maintain invisible racism, hidden behind the color of law. We need love.

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