~From the inside of These Walls, I’ve learned a lot about ME… So much was missing from My Life because of what I could not SEE… These Walls have kept Me from causing more Pain to My open WOUNDS… The outside world became too much to bear until, I no longer knew what to DO… So I chose Self-MEDICATION, as My source of MOTIVATION, which gave Me the instant-GRATIFICATION, that the enemy’s lies whispered to Me, “you need this to Self-SOOTHE”… Now, from the inside of These Walls, I see Life from a Divine PERSPECTIVE… I’ve learned that I’ve been a “Hearer” of the Word, and not a “Doer”, because My Hearing was so SELECTIVE… These Walls Represent the True difference of the War between Bondage, and FREEDOM… The Bible Says, “This Battle is Not YOURS, it’s the LORD’S”, and that, “Without Faith, it is Impossible to Please HIM”… My Mind has been a “Battlefield-of-Bondage” for 17 years and Now, I Finally SEE… From sitting inside These Walls, I was Given the TIME for My MIND to be Set FREE!! I Know Now that God is a Rewarder of those who Seek Him DILIGENTLY, and through CONSISTENCY, His Promise was Revealed to ME, when His Word Says that, “He Who the Son Sets Free, is Free INDEED”… Truth is, the difference of this War is Choosing to View These Walls as Bondage, or through them, See FREEDOM… These Walls Helped Me to See that it was Time to make the Choice to Choose to Seek God, and the Righteousness of His KINGDOM… Being inside These Walls, I’ve learned to Pick and Choose My battles WISELY… I Heard a Word that Says to, “Choose God”, in order to fight the “Good Fight of Faith” in His Son Jesus, because without Him, Where would I BE?? It’s So Amazing how Life teaches Us certain Lessons, in sometimes, some Not-So-Pleasurable WAYS… My incarceration has taught Me the importance of Acceptance of the things that I can Not CHANGE… The Un-Conditional Love of God is the Medicine that Saved My Sin-Sick-Soul from the Fiery Depths of HELL… From inside These Walls, He’s Shown Me that, “I Can Do ALL Things Through Christ Jesus Who Strengthens Me”, because God Can Not, and Will Not Ever FAIL!!! So, being inside These Walls has Taught Me to Trust God with My Heart, My Soul, My Mind, My Flaws-and-ALL… I Now Understand that Life’s most Valuable Lessons are Found in His 2 Greatest Commandments, which is to Bestow L.O.V.E. (Lifting Others Values Everything), and to be Obedient to His LAWS… Now, the Bible Says that, “Few are Chosen, and Many are CALLED”… My Calling told Me that, “Life Is A Beautiful Struggle”, and that Beauty was Revealed to Me through the Writings, on… ~THESE WALLS~

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