I learned that an evil cold dead man’s arms has more love then this system.

A statement conveyed with as much confidence as a narcissist or a first place winner in a highly spectated event.

Servitude equals slavery so prison translates as cash, and no one is upset except for the exceptional cognizant minds that fathom how heavy the chains are or the mothers of the sons, and daughter’s in bondage, and the wives, and children invested because they vicariously live through the individuals they are connected to.

How can I be wrong when billions are made to warehouse, when civilians dare not investigate the dynamics of the D.O.C.

Especially when it almost seems as jail is a rite of passage. Investors gain substantially in the monetary realm while we lose in every way imaginable way more than currency.

Influenced consistently by the environment full of land mines that was purposely planted on the terrain I am force to traverse.

Tip toeing to only be traumatized by the explosions of ignorance that is no coincidence.It is by design up until we find the light, and are finally seen not as reprehensible but as redemption.

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