Garden of Empathy

by Matthew Garcia Surely, I know we can uproot the dangerous wild weeds from this garden of ours. We have … More

What Is Life? Podcast

Click HERE to check out Matthew’s feature on What is Life? Podcast. Description from What is Life? website below: “In … More

Moral Fiber

l lament, I passionately express grief and sorrow when I hear the seemingly absurd statement conveying humans are not fallible. … More


A poem by Matthew Garcia My anxiety is so high, I wear it loud because I cant hide it. I … More


by Matthew Garcia Poetry or lecture, statement or sermon, expression or morale reflection. Are we daring and bold enough to … More

Color Blind

Think blue! What if I am colored blind, and what if division is the catalyst to keep to many disenfranchised. … More


Blood in my eyes. There is blood in my eyes. Somebody please get me a tissue to wipe the blood … More


I learned that an evil cold dead man’s arms has more love then this system. A statement conveyed with as … More