Reflections on Quarantine

By Matthew Garcia I’m going to tell you where my heart, mind and soul lived, since this pandemic, this test, … More


By Matthew Garcia some call them older, these men made long ago but we address them as elders, venerable, seniors … More


A Poem by Matthew Garcia

Garden of Empathy

by Matthew Garcia Surely, I know we can uproot the dangerous wild weeds from this garden of ours. We have … More

What Is Life? Podcast

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Moral Fiber

l lament, I passionately express grief and sorrow when I hear the seemingly absurd statement conveying humans are not fallible. … More


A poem by Matthew Garcia My anxiety is so high, I wear it loud because I cant hide it. I … More


by Matthew Garcia Poetry or lecture, statement or sermon, expression or morale reflection. Are we daring and bold enough to … More