Larry Krasner

by Saadiq

Carlos Vega, former Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, has thrown his hat into the arena to run against Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia. Former ADA Vega is touting a tough on crime platform and blaming the current rise of homicides in Philadelphia on DA Krasner’s policies since taking office 3 years ago. Ironically Former ADA Vega highlights his more than 3 decades as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, and the fact that he has worked on 450 homicide case in that time… What Former ADA Vega fails to mention, is that during his time as ADA under Former DA’s Ron Castile, Lyn Abraham and formerly Incarcerated Seth Williams, Philadelphia went through its worst decade of homicides during this time. From 1986 until 1997 there were 400+ homicides each year. Moreover in 1990 the worst of all years there was a reportedly 500 to 505 homicides that year. In this 11 year time span, not one time did the blame fall on who the DA of the city was and their Policies! Furthermore, in the last 3 years we have and continue to see more people exonerated of homicides who were convicted during Former ADA Vega’s tenure. Costing the City of Philadelphia Millions in compensation for the many lives Former ADA Vega and his colleague’s unjustly tried and obtained wrongful convictions against locking these individuals away for 20, 25, 30 and 35years unfortunately…

We have also seen and continue to see more than 300 juvenile/child Lifer’s return to society in Philadelphia who are productive members of our society, many who are getting involved in community activism and advocacy, actively working to change the culture of crimes in Philadelphia. Basically putting their lives on the line to end crime in the city. If this was in the 80’s,90’s or 2000’s none of these men and women would be home and none of them would have the chance to give back to the communities they once harmed.

Now thanks to the people of Philadelphia who voted for Philadelphia..

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