Color Blind

Think blue! What if I am colored blind, and what if division is the catalyst to keep to many disenfranchised. How about think love when protect and serve. I know I got some nerve when I caused so much pain. Well I am sorry yet let’s weigh the truth. 

Was I this methodical malicious reprobate intending to be the worst or was I a child naive to cause, and effect entrapped by conditions reminiscent of a war zone. Could I have been conscious enough to make sapient decisions though I wasn’t old enough for the consumption of alcohol by the standard of the law you are compensated to uphold. 

Will I always be as bad as my worst mistake or a man who lived, and learned and becomes an exception. Not looking for excuses but the facts remain that a particular number in the constitution warrants slavery. Many see crime however I see design. You see drugs. I see the government. You see freeway Ricky. I see politicians lobbying to destroy communities in order to build others. You see appropriate punishment. I see profit. 

Are we degenerates or statistics. Are we redeemable or lost causes. Are you all hero’s or individuals suffering from the Lucifer effect hi on the position of power forgetting hundreds of years that some don’t want to relinquish, and those years still have hazardous residual effects on descendants of the vulnerables supposedly celebrated in February. There is a difference from evil to being products of the majority of what we seen mitigating circumstances. I repeat there is a difference of being evil to being products of the majority of what we seen mitigating circumstances…

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