A New Dawn, A New Day (A Second Chance for Lifers in PA)

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Text from the petition–

I made this petition: for the fact that the “COALITION TO ABOLISH DEATH BY INCARCERATION” has been working diligently with Senator Street & Seval, and other elected officials to establish an equitable bill that will be brought into fruition opposed to continuous dialogue about the possibility of a bill. There has been an abundance of resistance with the Victim Advocate, Jennifer Storm, whom, is no longer holding the position.  There was also a little tension amongst the people because of this. However, with the elections going our way, a new President, new Senators “Hope” has really been reinvigorated. This petition is expressing that everyone deserves a second chance.

REDEMPTION stories which, if you go to the “RIGHT TO REDEMPTION” web page you will see many individuals who are the aforementioned story of redemption. With this petition we know it will reach a broader audience. Many who sit in the meetings with CADBI have been involved for years fighting for change and so many others aren’t aware that people worthy aren’t getting second chances.

a) That LIFERS are just being WAREHOUSED.

b) That tax payers are being charged collectively Two (2) BILLION dollars ($2,000,000,000) every year to house LIFERS.

c) That black & brown people are being mass incarcerated. Though we make up a small % of the national population roughly 13.2 % we make up the majority of the prison population, somewhere around 30+ %.   

d)Locking us up and throwing away the key hasn’t reduced the homicide rate & violence, it has broken families and left our children to grow without their parent(s). Parent w\o their child. A parent who could help change the path of his\her child and our youth. The public in many instances have the perception that individuals in prison are monsters when they have history of abuse, abandonment and endured adversity, which, gives no excuse for the actions that were committed; however, it changes the complexion. California has changed laws effecting LIFERS

Is everyone deserving of an opportunity for a Second Chance? An opportunity is defined as: a good chance, a favorable occasion. I’m not suggesting guarantees, but wouldn’t the opportunity to earn a second chance be equitable? Wouldn’t it be a reassuring feeling to know that billions invested annually in a system housing many (men & women) that has altered their lives for the better, individuals that have learned to take accountability to care for the world, their communities and the inhabitants of it was APPROPRIATED PROPERLY. In order to establish a vaccine for disease, antibodies have to administered or (stimulated) to counter act those diseases. Our sickness is\was of ignorance and more. We need to build antibodies, we need vaccines that cure MASS INCARCERATION, a vaccine that combats the design that isn’t stopping violence, making more people graduate or discouraging our people from committing atrocities. Some LIFERS can be those antibodies and have been those antibodies that create change that will help heal and rebuild. We have to show the GOVERNOR, the LEGISLATURES, the SENATORS and STATE REPRESENTATIVES that you support the opportunity for Second Chances. We are the vaccine people.

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