by Matthew Garcia

Poetry or lecture, statement or sermon, expression or morale reflection.

Are we daring and bold enough to believe, and like Obama have the audacity of hope.

Hope that we can together author brighter tomorrow’s even though today may be a little dreary.

Hope that we can unite long enough to make change be more than an idea or audacious ambition.

Let us renovate, revise, improve, and revamp our spirits with not just the thought of possibilities but an actual reality.

Let us not be intimidated by the hardness and strength of steel, for all we have to do is break one link in the chain of oppression and the hardship is compromised.

Let us live what we all have dreamed instead of repeated nightmares of what we all have lived.

Let’s (H)onor our (O)ptimism with (P)erseverance in our (E)efforts.

Let us act, as we are family and not just colleagues in this service, this requirement, this responsibility of fighting inequalities.

Let us repudiate doubt, eradicate, and remove it.

Hope is a powerful weapon, beautiful people yet only if we use it.

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