Setting Our Political Environment Straight Raw & Uncut

By J. Lopez

This is a very important topic because of my passion to serve my communities.

Unless we as leaders of our communities don’t start to give it to our people the way it is we don’t stand a chance at becoming part of the processes that happened in our capitol when it comes to changing Laws, Policies & Statues. This state is one of the modern-age Systematic Oppressor, Systematic Racist, and misrepresentee of colored residents on top of it all Cultural, Neighborhood, and Livelihood Appropriations by way of unjustified treatment in all aspects of life. You pick your favorite Judicial, Commerce, Medical, Environmental, Housing etc. and it’s like a puzzle with missing pieces we will never find them pieces unless we start to organized in a better way inside and outside City to City State to State. 

To be able to get any Power in this Political environment with the ™Retrumplicans ® in charged we as a Community need to not only continue creating Community Base entities, 501 (c) (4) , PAC’S, and, at the same time, try to become more open to supporting others in their struggle so that in return they support us, which shouldn’t be so hard giving the conditions of our inner cities across this nation is like a Mother Calcutta’s nightmare with so many poor and underrepresented people problems. 

Only then we may be able to create change by having a bigger role in the work that it takes to lobby, support, collect funds to choose or best candidates and in doing so start to demand and get the respect that people deserve. If we can see my Vision, we need to come at this as stakeholders rather than beggars (it’s how our politicians see us) by raising funds, harnessing support of our people, and continued expansion of or conversations across America.

To stake our case that PA needs Systematic changes to cleans all its Institutions, Departments & Organizations, that are funded by our Tax Dollars & to include something like Quotas by population representation in all Businesses, Firms, & Entities private & Gov. as long as they use taxpayer’s dollars or are benefiting from our communities is the only way to move forward.

The way I see it America is facing an identification Crisis behind the fact that Minority communities are being born 3x faster than non minorities and that makes all of ill-intending Americans nervous/scared because they see their Ruling & way of privilege life coming to an End and the only way they see it forward is to turn to a South African style “Partaid” way of running this country they are willing to sacrifice our World Leading good Democratic standards to stay in control of our American narratives without including us Minorities, but how can we be included in state & National conversations when we can’t even come together on city issues like taking drastic stance on Guns bans/regulations on city limits or Privatization of communities of color to combat Gentrification & Displacements or stop all city funding to prisons & jails & use the funds to invest in our future schools, youth programs and demand a tax cap for all below the poverty line home owners.

So unless we become one on agreeing on issues that affect us & or families & or next Generations then what conditions are we living behind for my beloved family & communities of Beautiful faces? What I am saying is that if we continue to stay divided on issues w/out delegating, it is going to be a lonely & hard road to navigate unless we get on the trenches with the state Cong. & sen. and call individuals out when we get them elected and they don’t deliver to our communities.

We continue to operate on a 1960’s plan of having one pretender per Org. to see if they get some bills passed when they know they are impassible. These people are using our communities pain, blood & tears to advance & benefit personally ala typical philly politicians.

We need to get real and be aggressive in our stands & get to the level cos we deserve better representation as a community and to be included in PA’s & America’s day to day policy making, Laws & Mandates made by our elected officials paid by tax paying dollars.

The expressions and opinions are of the Author not necessarily the opinion of R2R or its Associates or Affiliates.

The Author is open to conversations and dialogues pertaining to any of the before mention issues regardless of affiliations or believes.

Authored by: J. Lopez # JW-6931

smart communications/Pa Doc

SCI Phoenix

Po Box 33028

st Petersburg FL 33733

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