Moral Fiber

l lament, I passionately express grief and sorrow when I hear the seemingly absurd statement conveying humans are not fallible. which is the absolute thing implied when we deny people an opportunity at a second chance. a key component in the pedagogy of any man how to be one is you will have to learn how to forgive. pardoning others for their errors.parents pardon, family pardons, neighbors pardon, Presidents pardon. a concept echoed universally. yet is the basic structural foundation of our system inflexible. how does a system lack the ability our celebrated venerable leaders consistently exemplified through the annals of time. is mitigation a factor, is disrupt and dismantle a method of work, is environmental influences a reality. why does the definition of united mean in agreement though our states united don’t agree and differ in the act of forgiveness. if we are simply defined by our worst moment would Detroit red be Malcolm x. would bill Clinton be acknowledged as the 42nd commandeering chief. would we even have a use for a word like redemption. perhaps not. forgiveness should be in the hearts of us all, part of our moral fiber, our anatomy.because mistakes certainly are synonymous with every human being and the opportunity for second chances should be to. for a moment in time having to face repercussions for a bad decision may embrace you and also someone you love.

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