Garden of Empathy

by Matthew Garcia

Surely, I know we can uproot the dangerous wild weeds from this garden of ours. We have to remove the inferior unwanted, uselessness like the hate, the discord, the dissension, the lack of harmony that stops our beautiful flowers from growing, from where strong, healthy roots should exist, and be the foundation, the community that holds us up, and represents something grand. Perhaps we should water our hearts, and spirits with love, and nourish the splendid seeds scattered about. Seeds of understanding, seeds that reproduce the ability to identify with hardships, and struggle. To have empathy for the various plants combating the terribly wicked nature of pesticides, the harmful elements like prisons and oppression, the craziness like consciously seeing but acting as if we are blind to the pain of the tulips or listening but living as if we don’t hear the screams of the daisies. For there is blood in the soil that’s dripping from the thorns of roses that have been cultivated by lawnmowers and poison ivy, and not admiral leaders, lives taught to be Stoic, showing no emotion when feelings are needed to provide light to buds that only know the dark gloomy dismal atmospheres they were born into. When here is the truth that solidarity has been the radiance in past, and present times that fuels the bloomage of the best parts of all of us. Let’s plant with righteous hands and be the good that helps us grow together.

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