Remember Our History

Did America Redeem Itself from the Germs of Slavery

One of the key components for slavery and after slavery was divide and. conqueror. The first step in justifying slavery was constructing a lie about skin color. It was established by the Rulers and the educated men, that African people were inferior to European people. They used the term the blacks were cursed by God to serve whites. This was made a universal belief system: It was the law in this world of humans.

The Civil War was not fought because of moral reasons. The Southerners wanted to expand slavery to the Western and other states. America fought war against Mexico. Mexico was defeated and lost Texas, California, Arizona. The North did not want to expand slavery, because it would not economically serve the entire nation, and it would cause more poor European men from getting jobs. Slavery ruins the economic future of all labor. Italians, Irish and all other groups would continue to suffer poverty, if slaves were spread across the land. The divide and conqueror systems created the worse race riots in America. The perception that black’s coming up north for jobs, caused violent outrage from the European labor force in New York, Chicago and other major cities.

The United States Government decided to fight a civil war. After the war not only did black soldiers gain their freedom, but soon after the African slaves were Freed under the Constitutional Amendments. The South was still able to maintain slavery through the 13 the Amendment.

Some historians believe the Civil War, redeemed the European nation. America gave Africans the right to vote and eventually other citizen rights and privileges were granted. The evil hearts has taken more time and struggle.

Progress has been made. Great progress has been made in be very area of life in America. We are still struggling to make this a more perfect union for all Americans. Did America make efforts to change the inhumane conditions of former slaves? Yes.

America allowed itself to recognize what it had done. The ability to accept what they produced, permitted the nation to begin the long journey of Redemption. Many European men and women made it their life mission to repent and try to redeem what their forefathers had done. A honest person would admit, European citizens benefitted from slavery in many ways. Slavery allowed capitalism to grow, expand, which created more and more economic opportunities for what was termed white people. American rulers, after protest, court action, and Klu Klux Klan actions, forced the government to start putting force behind the amendments and rights of black people. Today, nobody can say America has not made great progress in redeeming America from the curse of slavery which deprived people of color of a place among the nations of the world. For the most part, African Americans have accepted and benefitted from Americas journeys of redemptions. It is still making efforts to solve some of the viruses left from the tines of legal, economical and social oppression.

The journey of American Redemption, has served the needs of the entire nation. Redemption heals all of us. It frees the redeemer and the one who was the object of the harm. America became a better nation morally, spiritually and economically because of the COURAGE to REDEEM ITS HISTORY BUT ABOVE ALL THE REDEMPTION of the HEART. It reached deep into the very soul of America that President was elected who was a man of African and European parents and grandparents. America is using all forms of ways to continue the journey of REDEMPTION.

IT IS TIME that Pennsylvania continues the nation’s history of changing, healing, and redeeming itself from mistakes, crimes and sins of the past. If we can walk the journey of a national redemption that has been going on since the civil war, there is no reason why Pennsylvania lacks courage to allow Pennsylvania Lifers to be present each lifer for parole review on a case by case basis. Human beings the character of the Country they live in. Redemption is America. America has made amends, reparations given to some, and land to others. America has also has a history of doing business with nations they were at war with. America. now does business with Vietnam, after killing over 3 million Vietnamese citizens. America now does serious business. Somebody is redeeming history and moving forward. America is now preparing to do business with Korea whom millions were killed in that war. Remember mostly women and children were murdered by American bombs and gas. America and these nations have moved on, forgave one another, and progress is being embraced. This is the highest form of redemption expressed by nations.

Pennsylvania must gather the courage to allow the 5500 Lifers to step into the light and be accepted into the human community and take on the character of a person who has redeemed themselves as worthy enough to exist in society as a safe, loving, trustworthy citizen. This proposition can only be taken when the discourse is put into a historical character, that defines the argument that women and men are images of their society, and if America can redeem itself, there is no justification to continue operate a system that rejects redemption from human beings who have been enlightened.

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