On Martin Luther King Jr.

Before Dr.King was assassinated in April 1968,

Dr. Martin Luther king was more than a preacher. He represented a human being, who displayed a character that reflected what humanity needed and continues to need. Why was he murdered? There were different theories, but the majority of the citizens believe his beliefs, and his tactics could no longer be tolerated.

Let’s take a look at some of his most profound positions of that time. Dr. King wanted the government to step in integrate the schools, colleges, and universities throughout the nation, especially the Southern States. The South had an apartheid system that was reinforced by law, which gave the state governments the power to inflict deadly force at any time, police violence, and killing children and adults for violating the law of separation of the races. Part of the mission he was concerned about was economic stress of not just the enslaved populations of African Americans, but as it related to the poor Caucasian population. He learned that the working poor existed in poverty equal or worse than African people. In Dr. Kings’ traveling to the northern cities he found, the level of poverty and suffering was overwhelming. He was driven by faith to begin speaking about economic justice in America for all poor people. His message started to shift and he put the nation’s Vietnam War on front street, questioning the right for America killing people thousands of miles away under the false pretense of democracy. He made the connection that war is taking billions of dollars of tax out of the nation, that could be used to lift poor Americans’ bout of poverty. Dr. King mentioned he was going to move away from civil rights and start a poor peoples movement and force Washington to bend towards justice and ensure that every AmericaN have a livable income that brings them out of poverty. He wanted the national government to use its power to force the States to give the African Americans, the same rights that white citizens have. He joined with the garbage strike workers to get livable wages.

The government hated Dr. King. The FBI director Mr Hoover had Dr. King’s phones taped and had him under consistent surveillance.

In one of Dr. King’s times in the Birmingham county prison, he wrote his famous letter. In that letter he stated, we cannot wait any longer for change. We must take it to the streets across America and demand our rights. He used children to protest and college student to integrate lunch counters hotels, and downtown stores. Dr. King had a plan that was designed to break Jim crow, apartheid and poverty.

The powerful forces of racism and hate made its move to murder Dr. King. Government men, who decide who live and shall be murdered by the government, are what killed Dr. King. The nations rulers decided it was not a better time, and more conscious to me to waste, my trauma is far too deep to remain silent.

Dr. King said, we can not wait any longer for our rights, we want them now, not later, if we wait too long we may go into a deep freeze.

Again Allah permits mercy. Let be that I have not been forgotten how he linked Dr. King’s journey, made him long suffering, and Faith allows a woman man to fight this historical struggle. Ministries asked Dr King to slow down. He was moving so fast. Dr. King responded in his Birmingham’s county jail, and made it clear that the strikes and marches would continue, until the government acted.

After his death, the President did make congress make laws for voting, jobs, and housing to help bring Blacks out of the horrible state of POVERTY.

We are now aware that Dr. King’s mission was about developing a movement that would change the living conditions and bring an economic environment that would allow poor people to exist in a decent community with wages they could raise a family.

The movement was for human rights for all and to end war.

What would he be doing for the struggle if he was alive? I believe he could have accomplished more. Our nation would be a different place, and a whole different type of condition would exist. The work that needs to be done, I believe is the community level involvement plans must come from the people. Early childhood, political, and social commitment is required for a permanent change. The advancements being made are lost in twenty years and we are starting all over again. Dr. King after a period of time shifted his energy from civil rights, to economic rights and human rights. He introduced an entirely new grounds of engagements. Economic liberation and a sharing of by the nations wealth started to dominate his speeches and national strategy. March on Washington was not just to have a right to spend your money in a store. He wanted African children and adults to be able to experience a full freedom. He wanted all of rights, not some of our rights. Today, Dr. King would demand effective education, housing, and the right to be free from police murder and free from our community self destruction. He would make a National appeal to the Black man to cease our horrible killing of one another and our women AND children!

He would say, if YOU are a man, MANNUP! He would equally make the demand that the Government establish an effective Reconstruction Policy to remove the barriers that were made after the civil war, and begin to rebuild the African American communities. It is not too late!

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