Progression: the act or instance of progressing, a succession, a series, a sequence of numbers related by some rule…no! Progression… is when Mr. I have a dream means to you what it means to me. Progression…is when all teachers start to genuinely care for the children of today that will be the youth of tomorrow and the men, and woman of the future. When communities understand that it does truly take a village to raise a child. Progression… is when governments do not shut down, and the leaders of the free world exemplify the power of unity, solidarity, and the platforms they stand upon. Progression… is when laws are established with justice, rehabilitation, and second chances in mind. Not to target the disfranchised or to warehoused or for the financial gain that can’t be enumerated. Progression is when brothers, and sisters are liberated that were seeds that were planted in the infertile soil of prisons yet still blossomed to be beautiful like cultivated gardens in spring. Progression is when the strokes of a painter’s paintbrush translates emotion far deeper than words and spectators are moved by the language of art. Progression…when extended hands replace extended clips and we shall overcome is not sung but much rather lived. Progression… when the divorce rate goes down, and unions persevere, and love conquers everything and all. Progression… when we help our neighbors just because and characters are judged, not the shades of colors of skin. May we progress as people, as individuals, and as a nation. May we progress as fathers, as mothers, as siblings, as families, and as human beings. May we all be better artist treating the world like canvases we care about. Progressing in thought, and deeds. I believe this progression is what we need. 

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