By Matthew Garcia

some call them older, these men made long ago but we address them as elders, venerable, seniors advanced in standing not just time breathing. these men whose duration of existence has stimulated and heightened the good qualities in many generations. tailored by experience, fitted and dressed in a general’s attire, leading the way only after combating a litany of woes. adversity draconian in nature. Yet still I raise is heard in their actions. actions that enkindle the flames keeping the fire of hope lit. surely you have given a voice to those who’s screams were never heard though salutations of thanks were never rendered. so, on their behalf and mine thank you for the repetitious sacrifices you all have made, for representing me by proxy even before I was born, for building oppose to destroying, for navigating and trail blazing, for finding a way or making one and for being forefathers to many, many different breeds of sons!

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