Reflections on Quarantine

By Matthew Garcia

I’m going to tell you where my heart, mind and soul lived, since this pandemic, this test, this overwhelming thing called covid. Tears, fears & convictions in times I wish would just go ahead yeah go ahead. Life altering times let those words resonate. By thoughtful, stay still let’s meditate. That’s what I constantly told myself as a mantra, when I was dealing with the present, and residual effects of this monster. From anxiety being bombed on me like pilotless drones not in the middle east but on my inner peace. Thinking about death, and where I might die. I thought about how in many more moments then not I lived destitute inside, not with a full heart. Though I was never empty I was never full. Feeling like all the flowers in my garden never bloomed. Watching a different kind of evil surface. I seen how many live without a purpose & something that made me nervous was who those sworn to service was servicing. I seen people care, some for the wrong things, some care just to not care. Love had to be evicted because its not there. A hate virus, George Floyd man its not fair. Just look at Georgia and it won’t stop there. I thought about vaccinations with injections. I witness possibly the most nail biting elections. from protest for progress. To a poet on the hill giving us poetry to digest. I see love to. I’m talking to you, and I’m talking to them too. Those tied together like laces on shoes with good souls walking the walk. Though the days and nights got harder, & obstacles seem to get larger, my blade got sharper, and prostration marks got darker. I reunited with the author that introduced me to something grand in 95. When I opened the pages to a vibe that wouldn’t die. Its to live to ever need to be revived. Lock downs to protect me. Statements made that are so condescending. when I know you just want control, and I just want to go home. Home a place where were always grateful, always faithful to our principles. loyal to each other. I want that now more then ever. Besides tomorrow isn’t promised and today is here but its still not tomorrow. Why the most searched word on Google. So why not try to believe in more then the pain that we see, believe in what you feel and who you feel & how you feel. Believe in change. Believe with actions that coincide with your belief. I’m going to tell you where my heart, my mind & soul lived, since this pandemic, this test, this overwhelming thing called covid. Love, Hope, Convictions I wish was a head yeah so close a head.”

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